Where would you host a Lan if you could?


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For those unawared, there's a recurrent joke (Started probably by KillerPigeon) in EGCTV stream, that claims that an AOE IV LAN is happening in Las Vegas.

On a More serious note: Which place do you think it will be the best one for hosting a Lan, and why?


Barcelona and if not possible Las Vegas sounds good.

Barcelona was Worldwide famous after the Olimpics from 1992 and there is a reason for that, really good weather, lovely local people and well connected.

Also there are some Medieval buildings like Monjuic castle and a lot more close to the city.


In the current conditions, it is better to choose a place where everyone could go, regardless of citizenship. In order to avoid problems with obtaining a visa, covid`s restrictions, etc. In my opinion, some city in Turkey would be perfect. Surely there are places where you can feel the vibe of Ottomans, get acquainted with history. There is also a pleasant climate there.


Portugal, since:
- It's one of the cheepest country in Europe
- Is in Europe
- Has a lot of historic value (once upon a time, portugal and spanish splited the world in 2)
- Low criminality
- Good food


Belgium. Center of Europe. Easy to access from most top player's countries by road and in less than a few hours (NL, FR, UK, DE). I have plenty contacts to help you make it a success, including an amazing venue.