Water opening by DeMuslim (Tang Dinasty until Castle age)


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Concept: A water opening focused in naval combat in feudal, with an Land transition in Castle Age

Dark Age
- 5 vills to straggler tree, and one builds a Village, then to straggler tree.
- The next 2 vills go to sheep (6 straggler, 2 sheep)
- Whenever you have the wood, take one from straggler and send him to build a dock (2 on sheep, 5 on straggler, 1 builder)
- 1 more vill to sheep, and then 1 more to straggler tree. Whenever the builder finish building the dock, you send him/her to shore fish (3 on sheep, 6 on straggler,1 on shore fish)
- We start producing fishing ships, and we keep sending villagers to wood. Whenever is possible, build a lumber camp (as long as this doesn't mean to idle your dock)
- At a certain point you should Have: 3 on sheep, 3 fishing ship, and 10 on wood. At this point, create your first imperial official, and send it to supervise the lumbercamp.
- whenever you have the wood, build your 2nd dock with the fishing vil.
- Once you have 5 fishing ships, take your 3 villagers from sheep and send them to gold (this should look like this: 5 fishing ships, 12 on wood, 3 on gold, 1 vil building the 2nd doc/on shore fish and 1 imperial official in the lumbercamp)
- Keep sending vils to wood and creating fishing ships. you should have: 9 Fishing ships. 15 on wood, 1 on shore fish, 3 on gold and one imperial official. At this point, you can go to feudal

Click To Feudal
-Take 5 from wood, and build the imperial academy, near the lumbercamp. Keep sending vills to wood

Feudal Age
-When reaching feudal, you should have 18 on wood (once the builders of the Imperial academy have been sent back to wood), 14 fishing ships, 1 vil on shore fish and 3 on gold.
- Once reached to feudal, we gonna start producing Junks to attack our opponent fish. Also, we gonna create a 2nd imperial official, and send him to collect taxes
- Once you have around 20-22 on wood, you can create your 3rd imperial official and send him to supervise the mining camp. Around this point, you should also research both Imperial examinations and forestry.
-At a certain point, you should have around 24 vils on wood, 15 fishing ship (if you haven't lose anything), 1 vil on shore fish (or maybe retasked to other task) and 3 imperial officials (1 taxing, 1 surpervising the lumbercamp and other supervising the mining camp) from here, you send 2 more to gold, and create the 4th imperial official (also for tax collection).
- Whenever is possible, Build the blacksmith and research steeled arrow.
- Keep sending vils to gold, and aim to build the Astronomical Clocktower ASAP,in order to start Land aggresion. Of course, when building it, build also some military production buildings, to create units aswell.

-If your micro allows it, from time to time set your first Imperial official to gather tax from the lumber camp, and then retask it to supervise said camp (during dark age)
- Remember that building a 2nd dock or the lumbercamp (during dark age) is less important than keep producing fishing ships. The priority is always keep creating units.
-This Build Order is based on a game where there was no land aggresion during feudal age. If you are attack on land during feudal, you must defend, so you will need to create military buildings before.
-Along the same lines, if you lose water, you will need to transition to either sheep, berries or farms.