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Hello guys,

I have been in the competitive scene of e-sports for over a decade now, and started coaching as early as 2011 in SC2 . After a long break from the competitive scene from 2018-2021 i found my self competing once more, this time with AOE IV .

I have been coaching AOE IV players since the first month after launch, but always in small numbers due to my lack of free time . With winter being around the corner, I am finding myself with extra time and without any big 1v1 tournaments happening in the near future I hve decided to invest my free time into coaching. I charge 50 euro/$ per hour , 19-22 GMT . My coaching approach aims for the player to be able to understand the game and improve at his core , no build orders will be taught, but tools will be given so that the player will be able to adjust his/her play style to the current meta without the need for extra coaching every time a new patch shakes up the meta.
Hi Mista!

I would love to take some coaching from you, it is a bit spontaneous, but would this Friday be okay? And, if possible, I would only like to book two hours, so from 19-21 GMT. For your information: AoE4 is my first RTS, I've played it since Christmas 2021, so around 11 months now. Just today, I've reached Diamond 1, but for most of the time, I have been Platinum III. My main civs are Rus and HRE. I think your coaching approach is really good by the ways, I am looking forward to it already. :)

Kind regards,
Hey there to everyone who's reading this!

I took Mista's coaching yesterday and it was just great! My view onto the game changed completely, but in a highly positive way! I feel so enlightened now. Mista is just a great coach: He has this huge experience, on the one hand with playing since he played RTS like for his whole life, and on the other hand in terms of coaching, he told me he has done like 500 hours of coaching in his whole career, you could just feel the professionalism.
And I want to point out another great thing: He asked me for information on my playstyle and how I play generally, and he customized some things just for me, so that his coaching was just exactly fitting.

I can't imagine how I would continue playing without his coaching, the game is just as fun and addicting as on the first day again, and I can already see myself improving. Every single Euro was absolutely worth it, I would recommend it to everyone!