More Stone Wall Counters


Since stone walls are coming back to GL2 next week, and since I've been spending way too much time watching YT videos on medieval history I figured why not bring up the topic of: Which commonly used medieval techniques would you like to see added to the game to better counter stone walls?

- Ladders: The simplest siege weapon. Could be built like other siege weapons by infantry. Could either be built on just one side of the wall or both automatically Would allow infantry to climb up and over walls.

- Sappers: The most common way to weaken walls before gunpowder was to dig under them and collapse them. You could either make this a new unit that could attack stone walls with pickaxes, or have it be a technology that makes villagers be able to attack walls (similar to how it works in Age2, although I've literally never seen it researched so it's probably not the best implementation)

- Improved Siege Towers: Obviously this has been brought up several times before, but since they already are in the game, how would you improve them? Acting as a ramp/ladder for infantry has been brought up before, but what about firing arrows? What about letting units down the other side?

Let me know what you think would be useful/cool! I think all three would be neat if only to have as much variety as possible.


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I think Ladders and Siege Towers would overlap a little. Sappers could be a tech (like it is in Aoe II) that gives vils/infantry extra damage against walls. Personally I would love to have stone walls moved to Castle age.

Anyway, I think your ideas are quite on point :D