Looking for people to assist on a project


Hey guys,

As I mentioned in the EGC Discord, I want to start working on a mod that should "fix" the game for the competitive scene, as far as that is possible with the mod tools! Think about balance changes and removal of things like stone walls in Feudal Age. Maybe an improvement for water combat. The implementations itself are still kinda vague, cause this would also require assistance of players from the scene , but the main goal is clear: to have a better experience for the competitive scene wherever possible.

This also means I am looking for testers on the long run, since there is no way that the game mode is allowed to crash.

Why do I use a game mode? Cause it is the only available option right now to modify the vanilla game in a satisfying way. The other three modding options will not be sufficient to achieve the above mentioned goal, while modifying the game in alternative (third party) ways will (as far as I know) not be accepted by the majority of the community.