Hidden Identities


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I could of sworn I heard something on stream several weeks ago about a smaller hidden identities type tournament based of the inspiration of Hiddencup,

Am I dreaming? and if not, is there any update on this?

I can't wait to see how obvious Szalami might be to guess! and other players too of course!


It was canceled



Yeah this is something we thought about doing in December. The reason we didn't do it was two-fold:

1. We felt it might be a little redundant to do this format before anyone had clearly defined play styles in such a new game. Part of the fun of T90's Hidden Cup is guessing who is who, and that just wouldn't work yet for AOE4.

2. We felt that $6k could be better spent elsewhere on something more inclusive so soon after launch. In the end we took the $6k for this event, added $2k and did the Winter Series which involved way more people and I think was better for the e-sports ecosystem.