Golden League II Finals: Kawasan or Lipany?

Which map from Round 2 you want to see in the final round of Golden League II?

  • Kawasan

    Votes: 13 37.1%
  • Lipany

    Votes: 22 62.9%

  • Total voters


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Hey guys! We also need to pick a map from Round 2 for the finals. Would you rather see Lipany or Kawasan? these two maps were included in the mappool for round two (Fast-Start Frenzy), and have a chance to make it to the the finals! Remember, only one map will make it to the finals! Also, please notice that Lipany is EGC's version, where the map generation is more consistent, and the spawns are more balanced.
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Voted for Kawasan
I am not ready to re-commit to Lipany after the abuse even though they claimed to have changed ( I know your version is much better).


I am feeling I didn't watch enough land maps, so surely Lipany. Water maps limits the players options in regard of civs.