French Trade by Aussie Drongo


The goal of the build is to get eco lead and force the enemy to fight us near our trade. If enemy booms, with trade you can boom faster, or get map control with stronger eco than usual for French.

Drongo's video

9 : 7 : 3 : 0 are the magic numbers

Start with 6 on sheep and rally to sheep until 9 vills. Food vill build the house.
F : W : G : S
9 : 0 : 0 : 0
Next 3 rally to gold (and build the mining camp ofc.)
9 : 0 : 3 : 0
At roughly 2:10 - 2:20 (once you get the required 400 food, gold will come bit later) group 4 vills and start moving them to the neutral market
Roughly before that you rally to wood (plus lumber camp) up to 7 vills.
At about 2 : 50 age with Chamber of Commerce (at about 2:50)Drop the landmark at the moment you get the 200 gold as your vills are moving toward the neutral market. You can choose to be greedy and drop it at the outpost,but it will cost you some res now, but you will get the trade return bit faster.
5 : 3 : 3 : 0 (4 vills on the landmark)
Build mill with sheep villager on the berries / deer on the way to the opposite marker. Let him gather for a while and while the landmark is closing to the finish you will send him to the opposite corner to the Neutral Market
4 : 3 : 3 : 0 (4 vills on the landmark, 1 on the mill)
Keep rallying to wood until 7.
Then rally to food.
Research Forestry in the Lumbercamp (F2 goes to all eco buildings, tab to lumbercamp, Q for for Forestry)
Research Survival Techniques in the Mill

Aging completes at around 4:30
Villagers from landmark can build a Lumbercamp, or return to your base to chop wood.
6 : 11 : 3 : 0 (one building market)
Now few things must be done ASAP. Build marker place, do the trade trick (select Chamber of Commerce, rally it to the newly built market and than shift-right click to to the neutral market)

Research Horticulture.
Build stables, build archery range,
Research Double Broadaxe.
First knight in queue at 5:30 roughly.
Research Specialized pick.
Once first trader arrives
Research Wheelbarrow.

At 7:30

16 : 11 : 30 : 0

Now you must have knight and get enough archers to one-shot pikes (9 ?) and get to knight superiority to either defend or raid the enemy if they are booming.


Farm Man official

Pro level examples:

Recon vs Lucifron7
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