Downfall's HRE 2TC build


This is a team game specialist that only plays with randoms, and still, he can get high ranks (is #1 in both QM3v3 & QM4v4 currently and beat pre-made teams regurarly in Team Ranked). Have no clue who he is. Go matched in same team of him once and he cleared all opponents alone before I was able to use a single military unit. So I looked him up. His HRE play is particuralrly solid. He is a timid solo player too (#100), but it's not where his talent is IMHO.
  • Put 4 villagers on gold. 1 make a house first. Put one of them to wood when you gathered 100, put another one when you have your 20
  • Put 2 others on sheeps. All next villagers on sheep until you have enough to age.
  • Be sure to move your prelate from one resource to another but as soon as you get your first 100 gold, make an additional prelate and put it where the other is not.
  • Age with 4 or 5 villagers depending on the resources you have (they'll vary depending on your spawn, you need to keep 3 on food to sustain villager production).
  • When you aged, put those villagers on stone OR on wood immediately (depending on where you put Aachen, if it's near stone or wood
  • When you started aging, send all your new villagers to stone OR wood depending on what you did last step. Be sure that during this process you get your 350 stone & 400 wood at same time. I like to save for a tower (that I build only if I scout threats) in addition to houses that you'll need to build during the buil
  • Move all your villagers from stone and make the second TC on nearest deers. Depending on the situation, you'll send first TC villagers to gold and second TC on deer
  • From there, you are on your own. Most of the case, I age III before the other HRE player despite the slight slow down in food gathering. I go Reignitz and I'm always able to take most of the relics on the map.
  • Downfall likes to go full knights and adapt after that. I prefer the Beastyqt's approach and combine Horsemen and Landsknechts which is many cases at my level (Gold III), is good most of the times.
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