Delhi Fast sacred sites into castle lancer into keep boom


This build order (in full) best suited for bigger team games (3v3/4v4) although the fast sacred sites can be adopted for any delhi game
in 1v1 map size you can start capturing sacred sites at 6:25-30 game time
You can adjust the production buildings as you please and prefer, but this build focuses on cavalry play
This build focuses on fast feudal timing, hence:
When you start the game, click all six vils onto the sheep, straight after click on the sheep and move it above the tc so it dies closer to the tc for faster drop off.
All sheep that you send to tc has to be put very close to the tc for better drop off times to achieve the fastest timings.

Dark Age:
-5 on sheep, 1 builds mining camp and goes to gold
-rally 1st villager to sheep
-2nd villager to build a house and to gold
-rally on sheep until 9
-Once 9 on sheep, rally next villager to gold and build a mosque with it first (queue efficient production)
-Rally 5 villagers to a straggler tree
-Age up once 200 gold with 5 from sheep. Build Dome of Faith. (around 2:15, manually drop of food at tc if needed)
-Build a house with the first 50 wood from straggler tree, then lumber camp and mill (queue upgrades when built)
Note: Queue upgrade in this order: Broad axe > Forestry (lumber camp) and Horticulture > Wheelbarrow (mill)
This is because you will be castle before the second upgrade finishes, so you will be able to queue tier 2 upgrades only if the tier 1 are finished, otherwise you might forget.

Feudal age:
-After age up completes at around 3:35 cancel efficient production and queue sanctity, efficient production, piety and all-seeing eye in mosque
-Queue a scholars from Dome of Faith and rally to the mosque, once 3 inside, continue queueing more
-5 villagers from age up go back on food, once 5 on wood rally tc to food until 16 on food and then rally to gold until castle. Only keep up to 8-10 villagers on one food source, in this case 8 on sheep and 8 on berries.
-With the next 150 wood build a stable (or barracks if you playing vs french)
Note: adjustment vs early knights - send the 5 villagers after completing Dome of Faith to a next straggler tree, gather 100 wood and go back to food, build an outpost on gold once you queue the 2nd scholar.
-Next build a house
-Once there's approx. 50-55 sec remaining on the sanctity (depending on map size), ungarrison the scholars and send them to all 3 sacred sites (or however many there are available)
-1 more scholar from dome of faith will garrison inside at similar time, thus sanctity research time will not increase too much
-Build a few horsemen to protect your scholars from wolves/scouts and single units on the map
-Keep building scholars from dome of faith (you will need them for relic collection)
-The Sanctity will finish around 6:25-35 depending on map size (you ungarrison scholars earlier on larger maps), sacred sites take 30 sec to get captured
-By this time you should be around 900 food in the bank (if you constantly made horsemen) with 16 on food, depending on how many horsemen you built
-Build 2 blacksmiths as soon as you can afford them, queue up ranged armour > melee attack/defence, Prioritise +2 ranged armour when available
-Age up with House of Learning with all your gold (8) + half your food vils (i.e. 8 from sheep if you still got some, assuming you get 9 sheep +3 starting sheep, they would be running out about now)
-Rally your tc to food (sheep if you still have them, otherwise berries)
-Scholars from sacred sites and your mosque need to go to the relics on the map before your age up finishes (around 8:30)

Castle Age:
-Use the religious unit hotkey to cycle through the scholars on the map right clicking on the relic and right clicking them to your base on the mini-map (if they were standing next to the relic, otherwise shift-right click them back to base on mini-map)
-In the House of learning queue honed blades (+3) first, followed by Reinforced foundations (+5 pop per house), Tranquil venue (+1 hp heal from mosque radius) and Lookout towers (+50% outpost sight range)
-Queue all your eco upgrades.
-Send all vils that you aged up with to stone.
-Build a second mosque for the relics
-Rally the next scholar from your dome of faith into the stable, add another stable when you can afford it and rally next scholar inside too
-All your scholars should be bringing back relics or collecting remaining relics at this time, Once all relics collected, garrison all scholars into mosques
-Keep building lancers and scholars from dome of faith constantly, you want to start raiding your enemies, re-taking sacred sites and generally keeping your enemy army on their side of the map
-Honed blades with 6 scholars take 2:28sec to complete, by the time your scholars come back with relics, you should be half way through the unbuffed time so avoid engaging bigger groups of units until honed blades are done. By the time it finishes you will also have +1 range armour and +1 melee attack from blacksmith
-Build a keep around your closest or best food source as soon as you got 800 stone within the sphere of influence of the mosque (3rd mosque)
-Once complete, queue up village fortress immediately (with 6 scholars it should take 2min 28 sec to complete, ideally you would have 9 scholars in mosques by this time). I would advise to rally each keep you build onto a resource nearby even before you village fortresses complete and control group it together with your tc. I would only get boiling oil early if you are playing for sacred sites, as its a very long research and the keep is your tc so it costs you 8 villagers to get (160 sec) with 9 scholars.
-While the village fortress is researching, send the vils (8-12) back to stone to get another keep, on the next food source and start gathering food once 2nd keep is complete
-Keep adding more stables once you can support the ones you already have.
-At this point (11:30-12:00 min game time) you want to start rallying to wood from your tc as all food around it should be gone (depending how many sheep you collected)
-Send out groups of 5-8 vils on different sources on food on the map, get a market and buy some wood for outposts if you feel like you need some (if you play vs french or mongol or a cav composition)
Note: Booming with keeps and making lancers from 3-5 stables at the same time is very food heavy, thus you need to have a lot of villagers on food and start your transition to farms slowly but early
-Always keep 8-12 villagers on stone and continue dropping keeps on resources around the map, adding the keep to your tc control group and rallying each keep to nearby resource
-By 14 minutes of game time you should be on 2 keeps + tc making vils and continuously producing lancers from 4-6 stables (2-3 with scholars inside).
-Keep making scholars from your dome of faith all game. You can use them in battle if your allies or you get pushed, but preferably you should get all your techs first.
-When you have a big enough lancer mass but don't think you can kill the enemy yet, keep raiding and go to imperial age with the Hisar academy.
-With 9 scholars your elite lancer upgrade will take 4m 16 sec without a scholar inside (2 min 11 sec with 18 scholars), half that if u garrison one in the stable.
Once in imperial don't forget to queue your eco upgrades and both mosque imp upgrades (especially tithe barns) AND your house of learning Hearty rations (+5 villager carry capacity) AND slow-burning defences from the keep (+10 fire armour on defensive structures)
-Build 2-3 universities, depending how many you can afford, with 9 scholars research time is 6 min 24 sec, with 16 scholars its only 3min 17. That's why its important to keep making scholars from your dome of faith the whole game and try not to lose them. Queue Biology > Chemistry > Elite army tactics (or Siege works) as first choices followed by the rest
By constantly raiding and doing damage while booming with 4-5 keeps + tc behind this, you will overtake any civ economically.
As long as you transition to farms before all your food runs out, you will have a very strong and safe economy with farms mostly around keeps and spread all over the map.

-This build and game style is good if you are able to judge well and take only good fights and are active on the map with your cavalry, If you prefer infantry pushes, this also works with better maa mixed up with other units of your choice
-Ideally you would be a pocket player in 3v3/4v4.
-When you are raiding with lancers, try to save as many as you can by sending low hp ones back to your base for healing by either a scholar or just by staying near the mosque. Once you get better at this, it will allow you to snowball much faster, just like playing french.
-Delhi is traditionally not seen as a late game civ, mostly because of slow research speed. But that has a lot to do with having too little scholars in late game and poor economy to train more, multiple keep-tc's help with that a lot. However, your economy will be very widely spread across the map, thus you need to be able to look after a big area of the map AND not to rally your tc control group to a single location out of habit :)
-Suggestive scholar allocation for research per age: 3 feudal/9 castle/16-18 imperial

Good luck and have fun! Any comments are welcome!


Royal Knight
I need to thank you for this risky build order.

I managed to get myself into diamond I (ranked solo) with it, the highest i ever achieved, after being so close several times with other civs.

The reason why this build was succesfull for me, is that players get completely surprised by you capping 3 SS's before the 7 minute mark while many of them are just creating their first units.

Against French and English i always made sure i finished efficient production as first in the mosque, so i could pump some units to catch the incoming knights and longbows.

I'm not sure how this build functions in the higher elo's, .... But it gave me a 70% winrate with Delhi, and my first diamond badge! :)

I hope you will drop another build for Delhi for season 4. I will keep maining them as the S4 changes look extremely promising for Delhi.

Gl hf nerds.