delhi build order vs any civ but english/hre

don artie

age 1:

tc produce vills, no extra scout
1; 5 vills on straggler tree in the direction of the berry's
2; 1 vill build mosque in the direction of the berry's so that the mill will be in influence, shift build house with same vill, shift click berry's
3; 1st trained vill goes on berry
4; once this vill gets full of food (13) it builds the mill
5; the 5 vills on the straggler tree are going to be full of wood a few seconds later, also have them build the mill they will now have dropped off 50 wood at tc and 50 wood at the mill
6; you should now have 8 vills on food (2 trained, 6 starting vills) and have wheelbarrow+ 2 mosque techs in queue (order doesnt matter)
7; new vill goes on wood and makes a lumber camp, get forestry when its done
8; next 3 vills go to gold
9; rally 1 vill to food, 4 vills pull off berry's to make dome of the faith close to mosque
10; rally wood, macro is currently 3 on gold, 5 on food, 1 on wood, we're gonna rally wood forever from now, like literally the coming 15 vills or so go to wood
11; once you reach about 120-140 gold pull 1 vill off gold to make a baracks
12; train pikes and rally to the sacred sites to start walling them off

age 2:
1;landmark makes scholars and rally's the mosque, get horticulture+ mining upgrade+ woodcutting upgrade, sanctiety and the random other mosque thing
2; the 4 vills on the landmark go back to food, you should be 9 on food, 2 on gold, whatever left on wood
3; get a blacksmith/stable/range depending on match up and what you need. if your pikes are being contested while trying to wall go for production building, if not go for blacksmith to get techs, usually starting with ranged armor first
4; avoid using double production as much as you can , you want the scholars in the mosque for faster techs. once sanctity is getting close to finish (like 25 secs to go), eject all scholars and go to sacred sites while rallying new scholars to the mosque or battlefield depending what you need. if opponent is passive send 1 scholar to every site seperatly, if they're fighting you and you need the scholars take 1 site at a time, you should win the fight with pikes+ archers/horseman+ scholars vs almost any civ, take a site, wall it off, go to the next etc.
5; if succesfull on taking sacred sites pull the 2 vills off of gold onto wood/food depending what you need, depending on match up and situation you wanna either go for age 2 damage or age up
6; remember if vills are ever in any danger that textiles is a great tech, it's free and only costs you 1 vill of production time that will pay off almost every game (if 1 vill survives it's already paid off)
7: age up with either landmark, compound of defender if you wanna keep drop your opponent and the house of learning if you want stronger maa's/knights. start making barackses/stables while aging up

age 3:

1; most important things when you hit age 3 are getting ranged armor tier 2 and getting herbal medicine, if you have the time for it get all the other techs too but no matter what you wanna get these 2 techs above anything. if you're like me and you lack apm and have to make a choice what button you have time to press and what not, make sure it's these 2 techs.
2; with your map control you should be able to gather relics
3; really start using the double production here, preferably you have stables and baracks to pump out maa's/knights with scholars inside of them. quite often my macro here is like 35 vills on food and 2/3 on wood (for houses) and get gold from sites+ relics
4; take it a little slow while 2nd ranged armor finishes and herbal medicine finishes, you take full map control with your superior army and you raid etc but dont go for the kill yet, preferably you have scholars in the mosque to get these 2 techs asap
5; once the techs finishes you can eject the scholars from the mosque and barackses/stables, group everything together in a big group and full all in your opponent. almost any civ/opponent should die under this pressure, your units dont take enough damage due to 2nd ranged armor and scholars with herbal medicine are broken. you should have like 10 scholars at this time and win the game here
6; if you didnt win the game here, you probably did something wrong. always remember that maa are insanely good vs age 2, but insanely bad in a longer game vs xbows etc. if the all in didnt work, dont make more maa. gl hf

edit; difference vs english is that you dont go age 1 rax but you go age 2 stable, vs hre you dont go age 1 rax you go age 2 range (unless they stable)
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@don artie
When would you go ToV and what changes will you make to the age 2 steps in that case?
Also, when would you use vills to wall off sacred sites (as opposed to pikes)?