Dark age horsemen into 2nd tc


This is a basic build order for mongol dark age aggression into a fast second tc. This is playable vs any civ except in a mongol mirror. The important part is to not lose units from your dark age aggression, you want to keep the pressure on and force units out of your opponent as well as keep them on your opponents side of the map for as long as you can. Currently I feel like a lot of ppl at higher level defend the tower rushes very well, thus they are not as strong to open with and usually do not achieve enough for the price they cost, thus i prefer to open with early horsemen instead, as they are more mobile and can be retained easier for later in game.

Dark Age:
-Start the game by sending all villagers on to the closest straggler tree, then select 1 to build an ovoo.
-Unpack tc at the site of your choosing.
-Unpack the ger next to the straggler tree where your 5 villagers are chopping
-Queue the ovoo villager back on to sheep and rally tc to sheep until 9 on sheep
-You want to gather 150 wood from that straggler tree (all of it) and send 3 on sheep, 1 vil on wood (next to tc) and last vil needs to build the stable and go to gold
-You should build the stable where you are and move it once built to save villager time, at this point you want to move ger to gold
-Make horsemen with double production once you got 120 stone (at around 2:00 min game time)
-By the time the first horsemen are complete, your khan should have done a circle around the base to gather the sheep, drop them off and send khan towards opponent to scout
-Once you got 9 on sheep, rally tc to wood
-Make one more pair of horsemen with the next 120 stone
-At around 4 min 30, you will be ready to age up (you should have 9 on food, 8 on wood, 1 on gold)
-Age up with 4 villagers from food, rally next villager from tc to food (You want to have 6 on food to continue making units with stone) and continue to rally on wood
-Either continue making horsemen or add barracks for spears (if playing vs french) - this will delay the 2nd tc a bit, but you will be ready for the knights
-I prefer aging up with silver tree as that offers easier trade later in the game.

Feudal age:
-At around 6:10 you age up, send the 4 vils from landmark to wood and by 6:30 you should be able to build the 2nd tc. Build it next to your first tc and move it once its done, preferably on a food source. Dont forget to upgrade your early horsemen in the stable. If you managed to burn a building then you will have enough gold to upgrade the Superior mobility in the ovoo (packed building move and unpack speed +50%)
-From this point either commit feudal or go fast castle, depending on what your opponent is doing.

This build also works well in team games, good luck and have fun!