A match against Grubby and kauP. How do you beat Mongol Silver tree opening?


So i played against Grubby a couple of days ago and he went Mongols with a tower rush opening into Silver Tree economic boom. So i responded with a fast fuedal and archers and because i was denied gold i went for scouts for the torch damage. It felt okay but anyone a better response against early towers?

After the opening i went raiding for nomadic villagers because Traders are protected by Outposts with springalds. So whats your opinion about what hurts the Mongol player the most?

Raiding the villagers or raiding traders? Do traders get that more resources in then villagers? Anyone knows?

I tried to analyse both games and put them on my channel. You can watch them if you want so maybe we can make a deeper analysis of the games:

vs Grubby:

vs kauP:

You can even watch my VOD on twitch to listen to what i was thinking: