9 minute Delhi Castle build order


Take starting 6 vils and build a mill next to berries. You gather then 25% faster so it should get you about .8f/s a vil instead of 0.75. Not much, but will add up over time and makes it so your scout is free to roam and doesn't have to drop off any sheep.

8 food
4 gold (only 1 of these builds the Landmark)
3 wood
1 extra gold
Then just pump onto berry bushes or sheep depending on how safe you want to be. Once you have the res for landmark you should pull all 5 of your gold vils and build it with them, replace them with new vils from TC

This doesn't mention scholar production or any of that, you should probably just handle that yourself and build whenever you have spare resources

This is just to get to Castle in ~<9 minutes

But those wood vills will get you enough to make a handful of Mosques or some barracks/archer ranges depending on which you need at the time.
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