$800++ Event - Best of Asia Tournament : Who is The Best AOE4 Player In Asian?


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Hello. My name is bakmogoon who host the "Best of Asia Tournament"

most Age of Empire4 Tournament is held according for EU/NA Time. So, Many EU/NA users increased skill and Popularity
In contrast, I m feel that aoe4 is Popularity in Asia decreased :(
I guess That Reason Player's can't show off skills and participate World Tournament because of Jet lag. (As a Korea(Asian), it was heart hurt..) and I felt the need for a new tournament format..

So, I Planned this tournament for "Let's open a tournament for Asian users to revitalize the Asian scene!" Although the prize money is small compared to the duration of the tournament,
I hope that this tournament will be held successfully and become a catalyst for popularity to rise again as Many tournaments are held steadily in Asia as well as the purpose!

룰북 : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oH3RpG9_HJmIHSHOf8ZlzOwn6z6QWwUp/view?usp=sharing
(Please read the rulebook for detailed game rules such as maps and drafts.)

<Tournament schedule>
*KST standard (GMT+9)
Open Qualifier 1 - 2023.03.04(Sat) 20:00 Start.
Open Qualifier 2 - 2023.03.05(Sun) 20:00 Start.

Ro.16 Group A - 2023.03.13(Mon) 20:00 start.
Ro.16 Group B - 2023.03.14(Tue) 20:00 start.
Ro.16 Group C - 2023.03.16(Thu) 20:00 start.
Ro.16 Group D - 2023.03.17(Fri) 20:00 start.

Quarterfinals Match A - 2023.03.20(Mon) 20:00 start.
Quarterfinals Match B - 2023.03.21(Tue) 20:00 start.
Quarterfinals Match C - 2023.03.23(Thu) 20:00 start.
Quarterfinals Match D - 2023.03.24(Fri) 20:00 start.

Semifinals Match A - 2023.03.27(Mon) 20:00 start.
Semifinals Match B - 2023.03.28(Tue) 20:00 start.
3rd Place Match - 2023.03.31(Fri) 20:00 start.

Grand Final - 2023.04.08(Sat) 17:00 start

<Tournament Prize Pool>
Total Prize Pool : 800$ + additional donations through matcherino.

1st : 350$ + 30%
2nd : 150$ + 15%
3rd : 100$ + 10%
4th : 40$ +9%
5th~8th : 20$ +5%
9th~16th : 10$ + 2%
*based on prize money awarded by matcherino.

<proceed with the Tournament>
Ro.16 format is Duel tournament (Like GSL,ASL Style).
Round1, Winner Round, Loser Round, Decider Round - Bo1

Quarterfinals ~ Grand Final format is Single Elimination.
Quarterfinals - Bo5
Semi Final - Bo5
3rd place Match - Bo5
Grand Final - Bo7

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I am writing to inform you that there is a tournament.
The tournaments can be watch on My Stream. (It's stream in Korean, but... Other people can also stream.)
and receive prize money sponsorship through Matcherino.
Please look forward to this tournament. thank you!

Liquipedia : https://liquipedia.net/ageofempires/Best_Of_Asia_Tournament
Matcherino : https://matcherino.com/tournaments/87417

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJu3UeE4j4mbStxA9S_9h6A
twitch :
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Thanks for putting this together. Great idea! It would be great to build up more player base and popularity in Asia since it's such a huge market and I can only imagine how tough it is for both players and viewers with the major tournaments scheduled mostly in the middle of the night. I really hope it's a success and that something like this can continue moving forward. Although I'm surprised players like State or Snoopa didn't join.


Thank you for the comments!

Unfortunately I can't post on reddit at the moment..
(Collecting karma is difficult for me.)
but I'll try to share it on reddit though.

and In the future, I will work hard to take root so that big tournaments can be held in Asia/Oceania!
Bakmogon with your permission I can post it on Reddit for you, if you want.