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    Hey there! I'm curious about the Discord Bot for AOE IV. Can you tell us more about ? (or send a link that explains more about it :D)?
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    Season 4 PUP: opinions

    Hey guys! feel free to share your oppinions about the massive upcoming Balance changes (
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    12 villager start Tunning pack

    As is already known, one of the rounds for Golden League II will consist of a 12 villager start. In order to play, players need to download the tunning pack from the in-game mod section. as a Reference, this is the tunning pack It's called "12...
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    Where would you host a Lan if you could?

    For those unawared, there's a recurrent joke (Started probably by KillerPigeon) in EGCTV stream, that claims that an AOE IV LAN is happening in Las Vegas. On a More serious note: Which place do you think it will be the best one for hosting a Lan, and why?
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    The Arabian Open Masters

    The Arabian Open Masters is a 1v1 Arabia only Tournament. Organized by Adico and with 300$ in prizes, the event will run from January 20th to January 23th. The qualifiers will by divided by region (Pacific - Europe - America). People wishing to play can sign up and find all the info about the...
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    Double Scout BO by Soldier (specially good on Wetland map)

    Concept: A Build order that takes advantage of the faster gathering rate of shore fish while trying to gain quick map control Dark Age - The first 6 vils build a Hunting cabin near the shorefish and the forest (one of the vils builds a House, then join the other). - The first thing you create...
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    Introduce yourself!

    So, I thought about making a post to invite everyone to introduce themselves. The idea is to get to know each other better. Just writte a paragraph or two about yoursef :) I'll start So, I'm Lord Patito. My Real Name is Marco, I'm 32 YO. I'm Argentinian but I live in France. As you might...
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    Predictions results!

    What a blast the Winter Team Championship was! I hope you have enjoyed it as I did. Let's take a look at the predictions After being the only one to guess the exact result of the finals, the winner of the contest is @pm303 with 21 Points. The runner up is @MongolTCRush with 20 Points Rest...
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    WTC Grand Finals Predictions!

    Last round of prediction lads! This time, and since the series is Bo9, guessing the winner grants 1 point, but guessing the exact score gives you 6 points Scoreboard: MongolTCRush: 19 Points Baltune: 17 Points Black Adder: 16 Points pm303: 15 Points iRabbit: 14 Points Termox: 11 Points...
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    Mod section

    We will discuss it :)
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    Tournament result predictions are so much fun!

    Glad you like it!
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    WTC Semifinals Predictions

    Another round of predictions! This time, and since the series are Bo7, guessing the winner grants 1 point, but guessing the exact score gives 4 points. Scoreboard: Baltune: 16 Points MongolTCRush: 14 Points pm303: 14 Points iRabbit: 14 Points Black Adder: 12 Points Termox: 10 Points Jeton: 9...
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    TWC Third Round Predictions (Deciders)

    Another round of predictions, let's go! As usual, predicting the winner gives you 1 point, and predicting the exact score is 3 points. Remember, this time rounds are Bo5 Score table by now: iRabbit: 14 Points pm303: 13 Points Baltune: 12 Points MongolTCRush: 12 Points Black Adder: 10 Points...
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    TWC Second Round Predictions

    Hey guys! Let's continue with the predictions, now for Day 2, remember: Guessing the winner gives you 1 point, and guessing the exact results is 3 points Score table by now: Baltune: 10 Points Jeton: 9 Points Black Adder: 8 Points iRabbit: 8 Points MongolTCRush: 7 Points pm303: 6 Points
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    Interview to Lord_Patito by Huehuecoyotl

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    Interview to Lord_Patito by Huehuecoyotl

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    Interview to Lord_Patito by Huehuecoyotl

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    Interview to Lord_Patito by Huehuecoyotl

    Note: Huehuecoyotl comes from AOE II community, so the interview has a lot to do with AOE II aswell. Of course, we spoke about AOE IV Welcome, Lord Patito. In 2 years you have gone from posting balance change suggestions on AoEZone to being one of the most powerful tournament admins in the Age...
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    WTC First round predictions!

    Hey there everyone. Let's play a game. Let's predict the outcome of all WTC Series. Predicting correctly who wins grants you 1 point, and predicting the precise score grants you 3. I will keep account of all prediction and at the end we will announce a winner :) Of course, I will create new post...