Seedings for GENESIS - UPDATED 1st November


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When I started this concept of Elite Gaming Channel, I always had a vision for a concept in which everything was ultra transparent, and players and participants could get a look into not only our decisions, but the rationale behind them. In light of that, I present our seeding philosophy, which we preferred to express in detail rather than simply publish a list immediately before the event. We invite discussion, and our only request from you is that you contextualise this in the reality that it is impossible to please everyone, and that this event is happening in particularly unusual circumstances.

First of all, there were a number of thoughts and principles that dictated our approach:
  • That though there would never be a totally fair and equitable way of doing seeding for a brand new game, it's important for the tournament's success to keep the theoretically strongest players apart in the earliest rounds. Having the most succesful players face off in a Ro512 Bo1 would be in no one's interest.
  • At the same time, giving any byes (direct entry into latter rounds) would be unfair on everyone else, seeing as a new game should bring equal opportunity to all potential players.
  • As such, we see seeding purely as a way of keeping those players that have a track record of success apart at the beginning of the event.
  • That many of the top seeds should go to the AOE IV ranked ladder in order to give a totally equal opportunity to achieve seeding.
  • That while we can do our best to make the seeding representative, it's impossible to have a system that won't leave some people feeling hard done by. All we can say to this is that if you feel you deserved a seeding and didn't get one, or a higher seeding than you got, then the ranked ladder is equal opportunity for all.
There will be 64 seeds and the order will look something like this (not exact - some of the numbers and order may change!):

#1-#20 - The AOE IV ranked ladder
#21-#43 - Recent record among AOE II pro players
#44-#48 - Recent record among AOE III pro players
#49-#54 - Recent record among non-AOE RTS players
#55-#62 - Recent record among AOEO and AOM pro players
#63-#64 - AOE II//III Personalities (must be playing at highest level)

Some final notes about things likely to invite questions:
  • There were some considerations affecting this distribution that won't be obvious at first glance. For example, there are far more players seeded from AOE II than AOE III and more AOEO and AOM than AOE III. AOE II got the most seeds because of the combined consideration that it has a large professional competitive scene, and a strong interest within that scene in participating in the AOE IV competitive scene. AOEO and AOM saw more seeds than AOE III because during our consultations there was a lack of interest in participation among some of the highest calibre players from AOEIII, with a strong interest from AOEO and AOM, backed up by strong results in the closed Beta. Despite this, these games are still ranked relatively low due to the smaller competitive scene.
  • For the 'other RTS' category, the seedings will be a judgment call. They won't simply be the historically best SC players for example, but a combination of recent track records in their game, and a stated desire to participate in the AOE IV competitive scene.
  • Your highest seeding always counts. If you qualify for 57th through AOM and 4th through the AOE IV ranked ladder, your seed is #4. When this happens, every seed below the seed that has opened moves up one seed, and seed #64 is from the next place in the AOE IV ranked ladder.
  • The same as above applies when a seeded player does not participate. Every other seed moves up one spot and seed #64 opens up to the AOE IV ranked ladder (in other words, if a player from AOE II drops out before the tournament starts, the seed is not replaced with another AOE II player).
  • The seeding snapshot will be the exact time registration closes (likely around 2 days before the event starts, but to be announced soon).
  • Due to some of the reasons above, the final bracket will look different to this list, as dropouts result in a fair number of low seeds being drawn from the AOE IV ladder and a number of other players moving up.
We invite your thoughts and discussion, though kindly ask you to appreciate the circumstances in which these seedings were drawn up and consider that there is no solution that can please everyone.
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