EGC 'Winner Stays On Series' Round 1 - Probe vs MarineLorD


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ROUND 1: Probe vs. MarineLorD!

$500 Every week on Tuesdays
Winner stays on to play a new challenger the next week
WIN STREAK OF 10 = $2,500 BONUS ($7,500 TOTAL)
WIN STREAK OF 20 = $10,000 BONUS ($22,250 TOTAL)


Every week we'll host a $500 show match in which the winner will not only bag the prize but win the right to stay on and play the following week too! This series will allow players to create long streaks in which they could theoretically take down the prize indefinitely. More than that, to ramp up the hype, we're going to give a bonus of $2,500 to any player that can put together a streak of 10 wins (meaning they'd have bagged a cool $7,500 and still be playing!), and a bonus $10,000 to any player that can put together a streak of 20 wins (meaning they'd have bagged $22,500 and still be playing)!

Challengers will be selected based on recent tournament results, ranked ladder standings, and public votes. While most of the English language broadcasts of these events will be exclusively on Elite Gaming Channel, we'll allow non-English broadcasts every week to selective casters and open up English broadcasting once a month to increase accessibility and interest in the game.

Round 1 features an SC2 fiesta with Australian player Probe getting a rematch versus MarineLorD.
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If the showmatches are on Tuesdays, by what time/day would a new challenger for the upcoming showmatch be typically determined?


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Quick update for you all folks, TheViper has been substituted with SC2 player Probe, this is to allow the AoE2 GOAT to play at his best in KOTD. Worry not, he will be returning in later series to compete in Winner Stays on.