Bee timing attack build order French vs Abbasid on Dry Arabia from Game 1 Don Artie vs Bee - $500 Winner Stays On Series


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bee vs don build order game 1.png
Additional notes:
1. Double scout opening
2. Stealing opponent deer first with pro scouts

Post match analysis:

1. He decided to move his villagers from sheep to berries (even thought he had 10 sheep)
I think this does 2 things for him. Firstly, he takes the vulnerable resources first and in case of opponent attack it's easy for him to get back to sheep under his TC. He is also fine with lower food income, since at that time he doesn't have enough production buildings to spend the extra food.
Secondly, he baits his opponent into attacking his front berries that are close to the TC and easy to defend, instead of going for his gold/wood that would be way harder for him to recover after losing control over it. (if he can't gather from berries, he has a lot of sheep + pro scout deer to gather from, if he loses control of his close gold vein it would be way harder to recover). After the opponent raided his berries, he moved back under TC and after his opponent backed out, he again went for the berries with 8 vils to keep baiting.

2. Good knight micro. If you click to attack a unit from a distance, your knight will try to charge dealing higher damage with bonus movement speed, but if there is a spearman in area he will block your charge and stun the knight. That's why you have to click on the ground and get close to the unit before issuing attack command.

Don Artie:
+ He scouted if opponent is going for scouts or knight from landmark.
- Going for only 1 scout. I think that it's way better to always go 2x scout on land maps.
1. More sheep.
2. Can prepare your hunt by pushing and killing deer in one spot(way more efficient mill gathering) + can do the opposite for your opponent.
3. More information.
4. Military unit. Scout is good at tanking damage in early fights.
5. If your one scout opponent gets unlucky with sheep, it can be a free win just from that.
6. Easier to raid, opponent has to use exposed food sources earlier
7. Can have a great timing attack when your opponent is switching into farm economy
8. It's easier to adjust versus and exploit our opponent, because of superior scouting.
9. Harass villagers with scout(idle time for opponent)
Downsides of going for 2nd scout: the army difference early can be quite big, you are behind ~280 resources at 7min, but at the same time your opponent might be forced to transfer to vulnerable food source, and you can use guerrilla warfare to force him to stay in his base and defend even when he has superior army.

-his scout was idle for way too long, should have prepared his hunts close to mill he lost a lot of free income
-not refreshing lumber camp
-bad 2ndTC placement, not using it as resource drop-off point

-No walls vs knights. In this game, Bee didn't raid that much, but I think it's standard to go for walls vs knight and try to create a choke point. There were a lot of spots for Bee to just send 1 knight and kill unprotected villagers.

-The Biggest mistake that lost him this game is that he saw 2x archery and !!2x stable!!, but he decided to go for Castle. He was slowly ramping up with better eco and at this point Bee was forced to respond in some way. He clearly chose going for mass army which definitely feels like the correct choice vs double TC opening. First major fight started at 11:50 at that moment if Don would go for full army he would be still behind ~190 resources from 2nd TC investment(counting that he didn't go for 2nd scout + lost 1 vil to knight raid)
The most important fight of this game was bee 2640 +melee dmg, armor and range dmg vs 2400 don. Bee showed his great micro during the fight and completely destroyed Artie. This is what I don't like about horseman spearman mix is that it feels like you just a-move and pray for opponent micro mistakes.
Final fight from Bee POV:

Overall I think Bee had way better strategy from the start and the current meta feels like you just have to go for mass age II army on open maps.

Full casted game: