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    Will N4C share the overlay so that golden league can use it too? I hope so!! It made the game so much more enjoyable to watch!!
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    EGC best clips!

    Nice! Thanks for posting these! Wololos are so hard to pull off!
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    Winner Stays On - Round 11 - Bee vs Don Artie!

    Amazing game from Bee!
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    Who do you want to win?

    I think marinelord is well overdue for an s tier win, arguably being the number #1 player consistently but without a big win. But personally I would love to see leenock go really deep and even take the win!
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    Hidden Identities

    Oh that's a shame! Love the format, maybe it's something that can happen in the future!
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    suggestion: WSO weekly poll

    Can we have a weekly forum poll to vote for the next winner stays on challenger? I understand it may not be always feasible due to scheduling to the the very next challenger, but maybe we could 'lock them in for when they are next availible' if they get the highest vote? I wonder if it would...
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    Hidden Identities

    I could of sworn I heard something on stream several weeks ago about a smaller hidden identities type tournament based of the inspiration of Hiddencup, Am I dreaming? and if not, is there any update on this? I can't wait to see how obvious Szalami might be to guess! and other players too of...