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    suggestion: WSO weekly poll

    We can 100% do this. In fact. We'll do this!
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    Hidden Identities

    Yeah this is something we thought about doing in December. The reason we didn't do it was two-fold: 1. We felt it might be a little redundant to do this format before anyone had clearly defined play styles in such a new game. Part of the fun of T90's Hidden Cup is guessing who is who, and that...
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    Delhi vs English on Altai (Marinelord N4C qualifier build order)

    This is sick @HAX! Love it!
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    Who do you want to win?

    I think Leenock will be a real fan favourite, the funny thing is that although he's seen as an underdog the guy has the highest life time e-sports winnings of anyone involved ($291,000 from SCII). Many wouldn't begrudge MarineLorD his S-Tier win, he's certainly the one that stands out as...
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    Searching for resources about the game

    I'd actually really like to see this too. I love watching the videos, but written resources are much easier to follow and learn from. I believe some of the bigger creators will likely release written guides too.
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    Chinese Landmark and Dynasty discussion

    Hey! Definitely felt that not just in terms of the landmark, but overall, that the Chinese were the weakest civ in the Stress Test. Didn't find many of the better players were having much success with them and they definitely need some buffs before launch to be viable. It might be that they...
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    What should the role of micro be in combat?

    Good question. As an AOE3 player, I found IV to be much less micro intensive, but requiring far more APM and macro management. Would be interested in knowing how AOE2 players feel it compares, as the mechanics are far more similar. Personally I prefer the scales tipping more towards strategy...